What’s Your Next Quest?

When you let go
of beliefs that limit you
the possibilities are endless.

What I Do

Every quest needs a wizard. That’s me.

I am here to help you create profound change in your life. I bring a one-two punch of magic and logic, to make what has previously felt impossible into a reality. I will help you take that leap into the dark, to create possibility, and to see you through to the next chapter of your life.

(More about why I do what I do on my “about” page.)

Who I Help

Your next adventure is waiting. You may be able to visualize what it looks like, or maybe it’s just a feeling that big change is on the horizon. (Maybe somebody even showed up on your doorstep with ring and said “so, there’s this mountain, and this big eye in the distance, watch out for that…” Happy to help with that, too, though it’ll likely fall under the “custom packages” option.)

The idea of starting a new journey makes your toes tingle and your heart thump-a-wump (even if you might not ever tell anybody about it). You want fewer villains and more joy. …Maybe even second lunch.

Maybe, You …

  • Work in tech, but long to design games, sell art, read tarot, compose music, or write a book
  • Want to move to a new city
  • Are ready to take a leap with your own business
  • Want to travel the world working remotely as a fortune cookie fortune writer
  • Are so over corporate life
  • Feel like you have no time to pursue anything you really want

Despite your best efforts to move forward, you feel stuck. Perhaps it’s that …

  • You feel like you have to do this alone
  • You feel like you can’t possibly make money at your dream job (not qualified, market’s saturated, nobody’s hiring)
  • You want to move cities but can’t see how to make it work
  • Your family or friends (or maybe even society at large) tell you that your dreams are impractical or silly
  • You feel like you’re out of time
  • You just can’t see how to make your dreams align with reality

I am here to help you.

How I Work With You

First, I wave my wizard’s staff and teleport to where you are. Okay, not really. Generally speaking I’m much happier having the first call over Zoom or phone – I save teleportation for special occasions.

First, we schedule an introductory chat to get to know each other. (It’s free.) Usually about 30 minutes long, we talk about where you’re at, what your dreams are, what you really want, and how you feel stuck. If you’re so inclined, I can check your energetic field for blocks or other issues that might be impeding your progress.

This call is about you, not me. If I see ways I think you’re holding yourself back during our call, I will tell you. This call is the beginning of our work together.

If we are a good fit, and if you’re interested, we can talk about what working together would look like. If you’re not ready, that’s all good too! Some people get what they need from this short call, some wait a while to invest in our work together, and some sign up right away.

After the initial call, if you feel I would be of service to you on your journey, we dig in. I will help you move forward through the blockades that are in your way, and you will get started on this new chapter of your life.

Imagine, taking actions on your dreams, right now! And it doesn’t have to be scary. We do this through conversations filled with depth, awareness, and trust.

What I Bring to Aid You in Your Journey

Oodles of soft skills (more than you might be used to). I bring to our conversations –

  • A safe space to explore your dreams and make them happen
  • Absolute respect for your situation – I will never admonish you for where you are or where you want to be.
  • Strong intuition. I’ve been called “highly intuitive,” “psychic,” “gifted.” When something you say “pops” for me, I know it’s something we need to talk about.
  • Authentic, direct honesty – I will challenge you (compassionately) when I see you holding yourself back.
  • Complete support – I believe in my clients. I only take on clients who I have complete faith in. You do not have to do this alone.
  • Humor and wit to keep the conversation comfortable and to expand that safe space.

If you’re more into the technical details, I have –

  • Certification as a Reiki Master & Teacher in the Usui Ryoho Reiki lineage
  • Private one-on-one training in Pranic Healing (energy healing)
  • A decade in management experience in the tech field, during which time I learned how to help my employees overcome their fears and find their best careers
  • A shiny bachelor’s degree from Whitman College, where I learned how to think creatively about problems and also how to rag roll paint like a badass
  • Continued studies in psychology, philosophy, math, theater, Buddhism, and personal development – all of which benefit you when we work together
  • Fluency in tech, geek, empathy, and woo

Your Infinite Bag of Holding Contains

  • A fierce desire for something better in your life
  • Willingness to do the work
  • Respect for our scheduled time together
  • A curious mind
  • An open heart

Ready to have a chat about your next life quest? I am. Send me a note and let’s get started.

Contact Me

If you’re not ready for a call, no problem, I’ll leave the light on for you when you’re ready. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to the newsletter to learn some cool new wizardry for your life.

What Clients Are Saying

Sonja is an empathetic and thoughtful leader. Sonja excels at motivating people to discover and leverage their personal strengths to overcome challenges and benefit both their work and personal lives. She offers a unique perspective in management, coaching and leadership and I’m happy to have had the privilege to work under her guidance.

Chris Martuza, Portland, OR

Sonja is both kind and highly effective. She makes this appear to be easy, but it’s not a feat I’ve found many able to pull off. She offers words of understanding and support when you need them, and inspires you to take that next step you’ve been leading up to. She knows when to ask … Continue reading Brendan McCracken, Independent Game Developer, Portland, OR

Brendan McCracken, Independent Game Developer, Portland, OR

Working with Sonja as my coach has been an empowering experience. She was able to establish rapport and build a trusting partnership right from the start. This opened the door for her to ask me really powerful and thought-provoking questions to ultimately move me to decision and action. I’m amazed at what I have accomplished … Continue reading S. LaPierre, Boston, MA

S. LaPierre, Boston, MA

Sonja is a very intuitive coach. She was able to identify areas that were holding me back and provide challenges to get me on the right track to being my awesome self!

Gary Ware, Business Owner, CA

Background note: Believe it or not, it’s not a painting! The background photo on this panel is a photo of Jupiter taken by NASA.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sonja Amundson. Nice to meet you!

It’s my mission to help individuals break through the beliefs that hold them back from living a more fulfilling life.

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